Maria Terracina’s story: ‘Thanks to artificial intelligence I found my voice again’ by Marianne Rodger Maria Terracina has dark, piercing Sicilian eyes and exudes energy. She could not speak and communicate her curiosity and hunger for life using only her body. Maria, however, feels like talking! And to continue doing her work in Global Supply […]

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Deloitte's commitment to volunteering, gender representation in urban spaces, and support for Pride by Chrystelle Simon Urban spaces are often not very inclusive, and public services in our cities almost never address issues involving diversity, housing insecurity or sex-based violence in the streets. Caroline Criado Perez explains this in great detail and – most importantly […]

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There is a winning formula that can boost production and develop creativity by making work innovative and revolutionary. This formula is based on a culture of pluralism – that is, diversity of origins, backgrounds and thought. For companies, implementing pluralism means preventing discrimination and gaining positive returns in terms of performance. According to research conducted […]

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Sergio's story at Chiesi: from distress to achieving a dream by Editorial Staff Everyone should know the story of Sergio Di Fabbio, a man who struggled to make his dreams come true: to be well, to have a job, to feel that he is a part of this world, beyond any struggles he might have. […]

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The contribution we made by ‘getting our hands dirty’ by Maria Anastasia Chieruzzi, Sky Responsible Business At Sky, we have always believed in the positive impact our work can have on the communities we serve and the areas we work in. We are convinced that a better business contributes to a better future. That is […]

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The centuries-old relationship between Mutti and Parma (and more)

By the editorial team Patience, perseverance, respect for time. These are the virtues shared by those who work with the rhythms of nature. That’s only one side of the coin. On the other side is the love of the land, the satisfaction of harvesting what you sow. Mutti has been experiencing the cycles of the […]

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Young people in Palermo dream about (and build) their future together

By the editorial staff Dreams are the gateway to fulfilment. Imagining together with others, from childhood onwards, means starting to build new possibilities day after day. Traiettorie Urbane (Urban Trajectories), the new project promoted by Edison, with Fondazione EOS - Edison Orizzonte Sociale and the social enterprise Con i Bambini, is based on the dream […]

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Nuvola Lavazza

Group headquarters and open space for the city and the community By the editorial team Bright, modern, open. It is difficult not to be left awed by the large atrium of Nuvola Lavazza, the Lavazza Group headquarters in Turin's Aurora district. It is not just the architecture that is striking. It is the underlying concept […]

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Interview with Cristina Scocchia, AD Illy

by Francesca Lai ‘Seneca said that luck does not exist: there is the moment when talent meets opportunity. I often think about this sentence. If talent, until proven otherwise, is equally distributed, why shouldn't the opportunities to put one's talent to use also be?’ Cristina Scocchia, Managing Director of illycaffè, quotes the greatest Roman Stoic […]

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Cities according to a diversity manager (and traveller)

Interview with Cinzia Marzano by Francesca Lai There is no instruction manual for becoming a diversity manager. Nor is there a model to follow, a precedent to learn from. How, then, do you become a good diversity manager?  ‘You need diversity in your cultural background'. Cinzia Marzano, International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion manager at McDonald's, […]

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The morning I interview and meet Monica Valli for the first time is a Friday. Notoriously, towards the end of the week my energy levels are low – the weekend is just around the corner, but my mood isn't sky high at the thought of having to catch up on some work. But then Monica […]

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Deloitte promoting inclusiveness by valuing uniqueness

by Chrystelle Simon In February 2021, Deloitte promoted a high-impact public relations campaign that told the stories of people who belong to minority groups through videos and images. The result promoted a different image from that commonly put forward by the media or associated with a large consulting and auditing firm. Thus, Deloitte employees and […]

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