The magazine

DiverCity is a quarterly, European magazine on inclusion and innovation, with articles in both English and Italian. It is secular, non-partisan and non-denominational. Its values are freedom of expression, equal rights for everyone, non-violence, the beauty of diversity and the responsibility of each individual to leave this world at least a little better than we found it.

It was the brainchild of Valentina Dolciotti and Tiziano Colombi, in January 2018, and tried to issue a challenge to those who were listening.

In fact, there was no other magazine that dealt with inclusion across the board, but many specialised magazines that focused on a single aspect of diversity.

DiverCity, on the other hand, invited everyone to express their opinions while mixing ways of knowing and breaking boundaries. It has stimulated debate, deepened knowledge and crossed borders that have been fenced off with barbed wire for too long.

Born out of the desire to bring together voices, passions, projects, initiatives and insights around the great theme of inclusion, today the magazine focuses on a different area every three months and explores not only the most talked-about types of diversity, but also the less 'comfortable' ones, and aims to do so by involving all the relevant parties: associations, companies, institutions, citizens.

Only through continuous exchange and dialogue is it possible to dismantle the stereotypes that influence our views of the world and relationships. The vast network that has spontaneously grown up around the magazine constantly shows us that, when it comes to inclusion, there is no competition, only exchanges and growth, insights to be gleaned and – why not – hardships to be shared.

The sponsorship of important companies allows the magazine to thrive and host more and more articles and stories from associations, institutions and people who want to share stories of inclusion.

We want to push cultural change; we want to stimulate and nurture it. We want equal rights for all, freedom, peace and... yes, we are convinced that even a small magazine can play its part.

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