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Issue 10 - LGBT+

Tenth issue, cover story Fabrice Houdart, Executive Director, Association of LGBTQ+ Corporate Directors / Adviser to Fortune 500. Issue dedicated to the rights of the LGBTQI+ community in business and society.


Giovanna Brambilla, Alessia Santambrogio, Sara Marini, Laura Mentasti, Valeria Roberti, Elena Fierli, Sara Marini, Silvia Camisasca, Nicole Riva, Mario Di Carlo, Maria Silvia Spinelli, Eugenia De Rosa, Valeria de Martino, Marco Guido Palladino, Damiano Terziotti , Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Davide Sapienza, Terence Parris, Lucio Quarinoni, Angela Bianchi, Elena Luciano, Paola Suardi, Valeria Cantoni Mamiani, Marco Mazza, Igro Šuran, Alessia Mosca, Paolo Beretta, Claudio Guffanti, Rose Cartolari

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