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#16 - Intelligences

Sixteenth issue, cover story Nino Monteleone, a very young director. Issue dedicated to the theme of neurodiversity and different ways of relating to the world and other people.


Ivana Barberini, Francesca Lai, Silvia Camisasca, Davide S. Sapienza, Kerstin Mierke, Irene Sarpato, Tommaso Davi, Antonio Caterino, Elio Benvenuti, Roberta Salvaderi, Nicole Riva, Fondazione Adecco, Auticon, Riccardo Argento, Gianluca Cabula, Paola Suardi, Alice Pezzin, Elena Luciano, Maria Giovanna Venturini, Emanuele La Veglia, Vanessa Bocchi, Valeria Colombo, Alessia Mosca

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