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#6 - Gender

Sixth issue, cover story Alessia Mosca, former parliamentarian and first signatory of the Golfo-Mosca law. Issue dedicated to gender identity (male, female, other).


Paola Mascaro, Christian Richmond N’zi, Davide Conti, Angela Bian chi, Claudio Guffanti, Valeria Colombo, Fabio Galluccio, Giuseppe Sala, Alessia Mosca, Politecnico di Milano, Eugenio Pirri, Fulvio Marcello Zendrini, Antonella Fabrizio, Orazio Ragusa Sturniolo, Joshua M. Paveri, Daniele Regolo, Angelica Gatto, Bruno Brunone, Silvia Rota Sperti, Davide Sapienza, Mauro Danesi, Paola Suardi.

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