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Company Storytelling

OUR SHADOW BOARD - A young community looking to the future

06 Jan 2022

By the editorial staff

An international team of 8 colleagues underthe age of 30 with one objective: to add the perspectives of younger generations to the strategic choices the company makes

According to recent studies by the European Social Survey, younger professionals often experi ence age-based prejudice from older colleagues. Factors such as zero growth and progressive population ageing lead to older generations staying in companies longer and to intolerance towards younger talents, who may sometimes perceive generational gaps as an obstacle to their careers.

At Angelini Pharma, our goal is to ensure that our people are fully involved in company projects, favouring bottom-up working methods wherever possible, involving people from as varied a geographical, cultural and age background as possible. This is one of the foundations of the path along which our company strives every day to foster an inclusive working environment, an environment to be proud of, an environment that each of our people can communicate to the outside world about with enthusiasm.

In this context, the Angelini Pharma Shadow Board was born, an initiative launched by the Global Human Resources Team.

Nine young people, all under 30 and from 6 countries, with a mission: to work with our company’s Executive LeadershipTeam to influence Angelini Pharma’s strategic agenda with the perspectives of younger generations.

The Shadow Board project sublimates many of the objectives of the Strategic Imperative Become Employer of Choice, Angelini Pharma’s strategic plan for its people. In fact, the pillars of the Shadow Board’s purpose are threefold: to enrich the internal dialectic with the contribution offered by different perspectives, in this case different in terms of age; to involve young people, the real protagonists of our future, in strategic decisions, inviting them to fully express their opinions; to attract and enhance the value of the younger generations everywhere we are present, and thus become an Employer of Choice at an international level.

As already mentioned, the Shadow Board works side by side with the Angelini Pharma board, working concretely on many of the open dossiers. The members of the Shadow Board have been selected on the basis of merit, age, aptitude and aspirations, thanks to career meetings at the international level conducted by the HR Managers in different countries where Angelini Pharma has a presence. The current team has a one-year mandate, after which new members may be appointed.

Angelini Pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company, part of the Italian Angelini Group since 1919. The company researches, manufactures and markets health solutions in the areas of mental health (including pain management) and the central nervous system, rare diseases, and over-the-counter products. Angelini Pharma operates directly in 25 countries, employing almost 3,000 people and distributes its products in over 50 countries through strategic alliances with leading pharmaceutical groups.

For further information, please visit www.angelinipharma.it

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