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Company Storytelling

INCLUSION WEEK #SNAM4DIVERSITY - Diversity and inclusion policies at Snam

17 Jun 2021

By the Editorial staff

Snam’s Diversity & Inclusion policy is promoted by the Snam ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Advisory Committee and is evidence of the company’s deep commitment to an inclusive company culture that respects diversity. In addition to its intrinsic value, Snam recognises that diversity is a business lever: a workplace that is open to inclusion incentivises innovation and new ideas and makes it possible to manage interdisciplinary projects more effectively. Among the actions Snam has taken to promote diversity and inclusion, there is the adoption of measures to bridge the gender pay gap, the promotion of initiatives to meet the needs of new parents, and enriching the cultural mix by recruiting colleagues who come from international backgrounds.

Age diversity is also important at Snam, and when valued can create productive collaboration through the continuous sharing of experiences and knowledge. All these are important values that contribute to a company’s development. To celebrate and further develop inclusion, between 15 and 19 March 2021, Snam organised its first Inclusion Week – #snam4diversity, energy that includes – a week of events dedicated to raising awareness of the different types of diversitiy found in the company and valuing them, which will be held annually. This year it involved over 800 employees, through a programme that included five events at which important topics were covered, such as Inclusive Leadership, Cultures of Respect, LGBTQ+ inclusion and Disability, with internal and external speakers. The Snam employees who promoted the initiative and shared their perspectives on various topics related to inclusion were: Marco Alverà, AD Snam, Alessandra Pasini, Chief P&C,Administration, Finance, M&A & Business Unit International, Massimo Derchi, Chief Business Unit Asset Italia and Chairman Snam Rete Gas, Cosma Panzacchi, EVP Business Unit Hydrogen, Paola Boromei, EVP Human Resources, Organisation & Pfm, Claudio Farina EVP Digital Transformation & Technology, Sofia Maroudia, Director General of the Fondazione Snam, Giuliana Garigali, SVP Engineering & Construction Services. The external speakers who participated by sharing their stories and personal perspectives included: Leonardo Cardo, Digital Bench and Zurich Ambassador, Valentina Dolciotti, Founder of Divercity magazine, Giorgio Siracusa, Executive Coach, Cristiana Scelza, Counsellor for Valore D & CEO of Prysmian Russia, Igor Suran, Executive Director of Parks, Daniele Regolo, Founder of Jobmetoo and Antonio Malafarina, journalist at Corriere della Sera. Snam employees provided very positive feedback, calling it an enriching experience that they hoped to be able to have again and share with an ever-bigger number of colleagues in future editions.

«Meetings like this are enriching for all of us, I would like even more people to participate in the future in events that cover topics like this.» 

«Congratulations on covering the topics so clearly, concretely and in depth, for how it was conducted, to all of the team!»

«Participating in this wonderful project less than two months after joining the company has really been a great stroke of luck and a wonderful opportunity for me.»

«Very practical, direct, engaging and enriching. The speeches, videos, speakers and facilitators were really appropriate and appreciated.»

«Thank you to all of those who gave us the opportunity to highlight these fundamental company topics! Inclusion is part of the pillars we have to build the company’s DNA on!»

Participants also suggested possible actions to take in order to overcome cultural barriers and value and appreciate generational differences. In addition to the annual Inclusion Week, throughout the year Snam launches various educational/training initiatives, such as the #snam4diversity talks, a series of events desgined to engage employees in discussions about diversity and inclusion topics dedicated to everyone in the company. As regards People Managers, sessions dedicated to Unconscious Bias and inclusive communication were held in the Leadership School, and to complete the course, a short digital training session on the recruiting process was created with the aim of providing useful elements for conducting and managing interviews in an inclusive manner. Snam has also launched the Be Parents programme, which supports new parents in transferring to work the skills that can be acquired through raising children. All these initiatives have earned Snam, for the second year in a row, admission to Bloomberg's 2021 Global Gender Equality Index.

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