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25 Jan 2022

he Human Age Institute Foundation, promoted by the ManpowerGroup, has become a major hub for
Talent that connects people, companies and institutions to generate innovative solutions and encourage the meeting and growth of talent since its creation in September 2014.

Our definition of talent is not excellence in a specific skill, but a heterogeneous and transversal set of qualities, skills and experiences.

Talent is seen as the key to human improvement in all its dimensions: economic, emotional, intellectual, operational, ecological, ethical, spiritual, creative and social.
Talent becomes the crucial differentiating element and, in order to stimulate it, companies can no longer involve their people with a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather with an individualised and sensitive approach. A talent is not just a person, it is much more.

Based on this concept, the Human Age Institute Foundation develops motivational and work orientation paths (Talent Lab) with the aim of putting the people who benefit from its paths in a position to turn – independently and effectively – towards the world of work.
‘In the catalytic capacity that Talent has to generate agents of change and individual and collective transformation,’ said Marilena Ferri, Secretary General of the Human Age Institute Foundation and People & Culture Director of the ManpowerGroup, ‘with the foundation we bring to companies a set of strategies and a culture of inclusion, we deal with current issues that are now more relevant than ever, such as: women who have experienced violence, people with physical or mental disabilities, refugees, victims of trafficking, transgender individuals, and we turn our gaze to transversal issues in the world of work, such as Neet* and unemployed people over the age of 50.’
*(Not in Education, Employment, or Training) Stefano Scabbio, President of the Human Age Institute Foundation and President of the Southern and Eastern Europe ManpowerGroup, shares these objectives, adding: ‘For us,
doing well by doing good is a daily commitment to people, companies and communities. The foundation is the expression of the ManpowerGroup’s values.’

We want to be an engine of transformation and a lever of motivation for people, organisations and companies on their journey towards excellence, success and differentiation, based on a comprehensive, ethical and supportive vision of human beings and Talent.
Work is the true social inclusion, it restores dignity to people and helps them to regulate their lives, but it also brings value to companies themselves.

It is essential to create connections and synergies between the talent that exists in people and companies, society, to encourage shared learning, continuous improvement and collective development.

With the foundation, in partnership with Arcigay, we are creating an internal project within Manpower dedicated to
LGBT+ issues in order to solidify good practices and educate the population regarding inclusion. In the short-term, the aim is to also bring this project to our partner companies.

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