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GA(Y)ME CHANGER - How the LGBT+ community and their allies are changing the global economy

23 Mar 2021

By the Editorial staff

The LGBT+ community has experienced a stunning development in a short period of time: yesterday marginalized, stigmatized, and criminalized, now champions of creativity, innovation and growth in a highly competitive world. In addition, corporate social responsibility and ethical demands for inclusivity have become economic directives that every organization seeks to attain. In GaYme Changer, the first book of its kind, Jens Schadendorf charts the beginning of a revolution. Illustrated by fascinating stories of individuals, companies, and a fast-growing cohort of organizations, the book follows the LGBT+ community and an increasing number of allies across five continents, depicting a growing global ecosystem working for LGBT+ workplace equality. Supported by up-to-date research, it demonstrates that investment in LGBT+ inclusion delivers a powerful return. What becomes clear is that always, even in times of hostility, resistance and crisis, it is economically and ethically beneficial for companies, societies and every human being, to let LGBT+ people develop into dynamic forces, rooted in new forms of cooperation and learning for ga(y)me changing results. The struggle is not yet over, but in workplaces and markets, gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and queer individuals have become symbols of diversity and economic power – true GaYme Changers developing firms and the global economy faster and for the better. 

“GaYme Changer is a unique overview 

of the rise of LGBT+ inclusion 

in global workplaces and beyond. 

With rich stories and background analysis, 

it demonstrates how LGBT+ equality 

is not only a moral imperative but also 

a dynamic driver of growth, culture change, 

and business success. Jens Schadendorf’s book

is an insightful and compelling read – essential 

for every leader and those driving inclusion 

at all levels.”

Antonio Zappulla, CEO, Thomson Reuters Foundation
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