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Diversity Day is transformed - This is Digital Diversity Day 2020: a completely new, completely digital event!

16 Dec 2020

Joshua Paveri

The fourth edition of Diversity Day is coming on November 30, 2020, the career day dedicated to people with disabilities and those who are in the protected categories and are in search of employment! Diversity Day is the result of a partnership between Jobmetoo – an online recruitment platform for people with disabilities and those who are in protected categories – and Value People – a company specialising in the organisation of events and career days.

The goal is to create an opportunity for real meetings between candidates with disabilities and companies looking for staff. Retail, large-scale distribution, luxury, banking and finance & insurance are just some of the sectors that have been represented so far at each edition of Diversity Day. The event debuted in 2017, with stops in Milan and Rome, and later adding stops in Turin and Verona. Thanks to the support of CALD (Coordinamento Atenei Lombardi per la Disabilità), all past editions of Diversity Day could count on the collaboration of the main universities in Lombardy: Università Bicocca, the Politecnico, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, the Università Bocconi of Milan; as well as the Politecnico of Turin, the Università degli Studi di Verona, the Università di Tor Vergata and the Università Sapienza in Rome.

This fourth edition is an important challenge for us: faced with the impossibility of organising in-person meetings, we did not lose heart, and created the first fully Digital Diversity Day! And we do not rule out replicating this format when we (finally!) come out on the other side of this emergency, in addition to having face-to-face appointments up and down the peninsula: going digital does mean giving up on meeting in person, but it also allows you to really reach everyone! The countdown is therefore on, for 30 November, for a non-stop meeting that will end on Friday 11 December; two weeks full of events:

– From 30 November to 4 December there will be webinars and themed workshops in which companies will be able to introduce themselves and discuss specific issues related to the issue of disability, such as Diversity & Inclusion, while candidates will have the opportunity to meet company representatives and talk to them to learn more about individual organisations.

– From 7 to 11 December everyone who has made an appointment will be able to carry out one-to-one getting-to-know-you interviews with company representatives.

Also in this edition, the Digital Diversity Day will pay particular attention to accessibility: in fact, in addition to subtitles, Italian Sign Language interpreters will also be present who will be able to help translate the webinars and assist candidates during various phases of the interviews. So let’s all connect from 30 November! We look forward to meeting you soon, with a handshake!

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