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CONNECTING FIVE GENERATIONS - N-Gen and La Scuola as an example of intergenerationality at work

07 Jan 2022

By the editorial staff

For over 90 years we have been monitoring consum er behaviour and developing in-depth studies and market forecasts. We have stuck to a solid founda tion based on accurate analysis, a wide range of cross-sector solutions and an independent view of the industry; we aspire to be the best-in-class partner for our clients.
Understanding diverse consumers and their buying preferences goes beyond data analysis for us; providing fair representation and being unbiased in our approach, staying true
to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in everything we do, is at the heart of NielsenIQ.

Our office in Italy is home to 5 generations of employees who work together to make us the most trusted partner in the industry.
NielsenIQ Italy’s Inclusion Impact Team (IIT) is composed of 14 colleagues who represent different age groups, sexual identities, nationalities, backgrounds, seniority and functions within the company.

Worldwide, IITs support the work of NielsenIQ’s employee affnity groups (n-erg) by tailoring them to the needs of individual offces or regions. The uniqueness of individuals comes from intersectionality, so NielsenIQ works in a matrix across all n-ergs at a regional level, advancing specifc affinity needs in a cohesive way. In addition, n-ergs ‘keep an eye’ on gaps to be filled and, together with local IITs at the individual office level, drive people engagement and personalised communication where needed.

Developing a positive connection and inclusive culture among employees is an ongoing process. Valeria Miccolis, chair of NielsenIQ’s Inclusion Impact Italia team, proudly comments: "In 2020, in the middle of the lockdown, we launched an entire cultural intelligence journey through our 5 n-ergs. Monthly meetings to evaluate our ability to put ourselves other people’s shoes, to experience our limitations, to recognise our privileges, to exercise our curiosity about the “superpowers” of others, to be open to broader points of view and to be able to welcome innovative solutions."

One of the n-ergs is NielsenIQ Generation (N-gen) – dedicated to providing a space
for dialogue and intergenerational exchanges of ideas and opinions. The aim is to
strengthen inclusivity in the workplace between different generations and build connections
between the company’s employees who represent different demographics, experiences, thinking
styles and visions.

In addition to N-gen, other n-ergs working locally in NielsenIQ Italy include Women in NielsenIQ (WIN), Multinational Organisation Supporting An Inclusive Culture (MOSAIC), LGBT+ & Allies (PRIDE) and Abled and Disabled Employees PartneringTogether (ADEPT).

In 2019, NielsenIQ Italy’s HR team created a certification programme called LaScuola, aimed at new hires and interns to accelerate the onboarding process and support employee mobility within the company. LaScuola has many similarities with N-gen, as it brings together different generations under a common cause and celebrates the coming together of professors, students and friends representing different generations and schools of thought.
The IIT took the opportunity to help defne the programme and to include the D&I module in the opening session of the learning pathway, ensuring that NielsenIQ’s D&I strategy and knowledge of its n-erg are shared with all new colleagues.
In 2020, despite the pandemic, LaScuola’s classes were successfully held online and around 20 students were certifed by the end of last year. The overall response to the programme has been very positive, there have been 4 editions involving 37 teachers, 13 friends and one hundred students and feeding off their combined efforts and energy.

Both LaScuola and N-gen have demonstrated the ability to build alliances and grow in the workplace regardless of generation gaps or tenure. They are both building meaningful relationships, activating engagement and enhancing the careers of employees from all generations.
Miccolis concludes, "Starting in 2021 we are opening our workshops to external guests, customers, vendors and startups, because we frmly believe that sharing best practices and building alliances is the key to taking things a step further."

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