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Arcus Pride 2020 - Supporting the values of Inclusion and Diversity

01 Oct 2020

By the Editorial staff

In 2020, Pride Month, celebrated in the month of June every year, was celebrated differently, given that, because of the healthcare emergency, all of the main events had to be cancelled or celebrated in alternative ways – which, however, preserved their spirit.mRegardless of the current situation, Clifford Chance has not given up on the opportunity to express its commitment to supporting the LGBT+ community and to denouncing any form of discrimination, supporting Pride at the global level with the #VirtualPride project: a series of initiatives that took place online, including themed webinars dedicated to Arcus projects (Arcus is a Clifford Chance network dedicated to developing LGBT+ projects), with the aim of stimulating people to share their thoughts and to favour debates. In Italy in particular, Clifford Chance decided to organise a virtual art exhibition with thirteen artists who explore LGBT+ topics up close and which can be viewed from July on the firm’s website in the Diversity and Inclusion section.

The initiative, which is inspired by the ‘Arcus Pride Art Exhibition’, the exhibition that is held every year in the various Clifford Chance branches (and which this year could not be held in the traditional way), has as its objective to stimulate visitors by provoking them to reflect on the nature of change, understood as individual transformation and as a social phenomenon, in constant dialogue with variables such as time, language and the body, as well as the necessary but radical transformation that must take place in society through the work of opening up and reciprocal understanding of each individual. The exhibition consists of two different selections, with the title ‘States of Change’ and ‘Imaginative Cells’, curated, respectively, by the curator and freelance art consultant Vittoria de Petra and the gallery owner Patrizia Madau, founder of Tallulah Studio Art. It comprises around twenty works of art from thirteen artists, including emerging new artists such as Federica Angelino, a multidisciplinary artist who explores themes of diversity through photography, painting, and installations (the ‘Imaginative Cells’ selection), alongside established names such as Jacopo Miliani (‘Stages of Change’), who presents his video art titled ‘Deserto’, which has already been exhibited at several prestigious contemporary art institutions, including Gucci Garden in Florence, which remains available exclusively on the Studio’s website until 29 July 2020.

Jacopo Miliani, Deserto, 2017

‘With this initiative, Clifford Chance reaffirms its commitment to and continues to value diversity and freedom of expression, which are fundamental elements of an inclusive workplace in which each individual can feel free to fully express their own individuality and contribute to developing innovative ideas and approaches. This year we decided to stimulate reflection through artistic expression which, by its very nature, lends itself perfectly to this virtual transposition,’ as Ferdinando Poscio put it, Partner and Diversity Committee Manager of the firm in Italy.

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