Tiziano and I were in London, visiting the Tate Modern Museum, when our eyes were kidnapped from this work of art, stacked in copies available to be taken by visitors. Almost ten years have passed since then. The picture, framed, is still hanging in our kitchen and today it becomes the official logo of DiverCity magazine. This logo refers to the work of Félix Gonzales-Torres, dated 1988. A white sheet with two circles that look like infinity but only seem. “We are synchronized, now and forever”. The words of a man who writes to his partner and draws two watches, hoping to subtract from time what has been snatched from time itself. Félix Gonzales-Torres addresses them to Ross Laycock, who is suffering from AIDS, on the verge of death.Time slips by, dramatically poetic, but we can keep it in mind. Even through words. Written, spoken, shouted, whispered words. We want to try. Because words matter. 

Valentina Dolciotti

DIVERCITY is a four-monthly magazine born in March 2018 from an idea by Tiziano Colombi and Valentina Dolciotti. Its primary form is paper but, on this site, you will find some of the articles published in the journal translated into English.

To receive the paper magazine or subscribe to receive the pdf, you can contact the Editorial Secretary. Our goal is to gather in a single magazine voices, passions, projects, initiatives, opinions, around the theme of inclusion; to tell all the diversities (very high ambition) and not only the most popular, or the most “comfortable” ones, and do it by involving and giving voice to Administrations, Associations, Organizations and Companies.

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